Lectus Modular Couch


Lectus (Modular Couch)
Our newest furniture, Lectus, is the perfect modular couch or chair for any home.
Lectus is ordered in separate pieces so it can be compounded to fulfil your needs. The furniture’s frame is made of burnished steel and the textile is from Kvadrat, Europe’s leading manufacturer of design textiles.
The poufs and backrests with strong fabrics from Kvardrat, have a unique springs mattress system to ensure maximum comfort.
One module DKK. 6995,-
One Backrest DKK. 3500,-
Producent: Xtrakt
Bredde 100 cm
Højde 45 cm
Dybde 100 cm
6.995,00 DKK
pcs *
pcs *
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